7Seeds Model


Our Model

Our aim is to help transform women's lives through giving you the confidence to pursue your goals and live the life you want. We are unique in that we adopt a holistic approach, helping you explore each aspect of your life. We do this as we know that our issues are rarely simple and one-dimensional. One aspect of our lives invariably impacts on another.

We take you on a journey of exploration and discovery which provides you with powerful insights into who you are, your story so far and what is important to you moving forward. We provide the tools and techniques to make simple and impactful changes in your life, which will lead you to improve your wellbeing, identify your purpose and learn how to live your life in balance.

Our tailored content and coaching is developed to meet the needs of each individual. Following the Retreat we will continue to help you through your journey with 1-2-1 coaching and introduce you to our support network.

In these Retreats we essentially equip you with a personal kitbag that you can take with you on each stage of your life journey. Because we know that we all need support along that journey we provide a three-month post Retreat support programme following our 5-Day Retreats, and we encourage you to take full opportunity of this as it will help you sustain and build on the changes you have already made.


The 7Seeds of our life-changing model

1 - My Journey

explore your dreams & aspirations

2 - My Story

understand who you are

3 - My Health

learn how to be fit and healthy for life

4 - My Wellbeing

discover how to live life in balance

5 - My Team

explore how to improve your relationships

6 - My Destinations

define your life purpose and goals

7 - My Legacy

identify how you can make a positive difference


Our Coaching

From the first moment we connect with you we are learning about you, your concerns and your goals and we tailor our programme to meet your individual needs.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by our coaches and welcomed into your new home. Our first priority is to help you feel relaxed and calm and we begin with some light yoga and meditation. Each day follows a similar structure with a mix of exercise, relaxation, teaching, coaching, guided activities and free time when you can indulge yourself with a spa treatment or soak in the stunning scenery as you take a leisurely and calming walk.

Our group teaching sessions take you through our 7Seeds providing you with the knowledge, understanding and insight so that you can learn and practice how to make small and impactful changes that will lead to the transformation you desire.

We open your eyes to your negative behaviours and habits and enable you to turn the negatives into positives. Our 1-2-1 coaching sessions focus on you and your needs and provide you with practical advice and guidance.


Our Exercises

We know movement is an important element to maintaining physical health. At 7Seeds we teach you how to incorporate movement into your daily life.

We offer different types of exercise that will help you to improve joint mobility, burn fat, increase lean muscle tone and improve your cardiovascular health. Because we know that many women struggle to fit exercise into their lives we will teach you ways to do this naturally and easily.

Every morning starts with a yoga flow followed by a relaxation therapy – to get both body and mind ready for the day ahead and thereby increase your learning experience.

Each health session is followed by an exercise session, focusing on the different systems of the body and demonstrating different ways to exercise. All of these sessions are done with minimal or no equipment and to suit all fitness levels, so you can see just how easy it is to do these at home. You will work within your own capabilities and any disabilities are catered for.

Our aim is to show you that exercise does not need to be a chore, and can be fitted in around your day, and most of all can be fun! Having the energy to do things you enjoy is part of what makes life great and we want to help create that opportunity for you.


Our Food

We know that nutrition is the most important aspect of maintaining optimal health and at 7Seeds we promote real food.

During the Health Sessions you will learn about nutrition and what constitutes a healthy diet. We will de-bunk some common myths and teach you about your body’s metabolism and what goes on during the digestive process. We aim to give you a real understanding of what happens with the food that you eat, and how to make healthy choices so that you can adopt a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life.

All our delicious meals are prepared on site in our beautiful kitchen by our expert chefs, and sourced locally and where possible are organic. Serving the highest quality of Scottish foods direct to your plate. You will have the chance to watch our chef at work and chat with her about the menu, and see how easy it is to prepare delicious and nutritious food with minimal stress and on a budget.

Alcohol is not permitted during your stay but we do provide a selection of delicious hot drinks and plenty of Scottish water to keep you hydrated.

Everyone who values their physical and mental health should experience this course. It sets people on the right path for the future in their exercise, nutrition and understanding self and others to the benefit of all types of relationships.

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