Changing seasons

So, here we are again - before we knew it – at the end of Summer, albeit enjoying a late burst of sunshine and heat. As we move into Autumn or Fall we watch the changes which come with a new season, knowing we have no control over the weather, and as we saw from January’s floods, the havoc it can wreak with little or no warning. But despite having no control over the weather we can take control over how we prepare for, react to and manage change. As a friend of mine says, “There is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing”.

So how do we women prepare for, and manage, the many changes in our lives. Do we have the wrong or the right clothing? Are we ready for the hormonal, emotional, personal and professional events in our lives?

As women we know all about change. Puberty brings us a major change, which lasts for forty odd years. Then ‘the change’ brings us all sorts of interesting little symptoms that can affect us all in different ways. Throughout these two cycles we are subjected to a barrage of hormones, which, if we acknowledge and nurture, will help us lead a healthy lifestyle. However, many of us working in or outside the home are still reluctant to acknowledge the impact of our hormones on our wellbeing as we refuse to be defined by our menstruation. But in ignoring our hormones we expose ourselves to stress and the subsequent health issues that occur.

In the majority of situations, women still tend to be the primary carers in the home, and absorb responsibility not only for our children but, increasingly, for our ageing parents. In addition, despite working hard, and potentially living through significant growth in the economy, we are likely to still be paying our mortgages, running the bank of mum and dad, whilst working out how to make sure our parents aren’t the victims of fraudsters. Those strains add considerable stress to our lives.

Then there is technology. Although the new digital age professes to make our lives easier, it actually makes it harder as we are now expected to be accessible at any time of the day or night – leaving us very little “down time”.

Life events can invoke all kinds of change – some positive and some negative. Marriage, children, redundancy, divorce, retirement, empty-nest, bereavement and illness- we are all guaranteed to experience at least two major events in our lives which should cause us to pause. We can all cope with such changes if we are fit and healthy in mind, body and spirit, but again women frequently adopt a stoical 'just get on with it' through such episodes. Ignoring the impact of such major events and the impact on our mental and physical wellbeing can be a toxic mix.

The net result of this is that women are feeling the strain. Because we generally tend to put others first, we end up neglecting ourselves.  Our dreams remain dreams. We carry on doing what we are doing because we don’t know how to change, or what to change. And in the meantime as we supress our authentic selves we ignore the signs that are telling us all is not well. Be that through poor nutrition and lack of exercise, through to simply not spending time on nurturing ourselves to be the best we can be. Inevitably we become at the very least tired and miserable and at worst start to suffer ill health.

At 7Seeds we see women from all walks of life struggling.  They know they want life to be different but are at a loss how to make this happen. We know and understand what you are going through and rather than just address an external aspect such as diet or exercise we adopt a holistic approach and provide you with a kitbag of insights, tools and techniques which will equip you to transform your life and manage effectively whatever your seasons throw at you. 

At 7Seeds we give you the right clothes for whatever the weather.

7 Signs you may need to take stock and ask for help:

  1. You are questioning whether 'this' is what you want to be doing for the rest of your life.
  2. You are having a hard time understanding why you are having a hard time
  3. You are missing that energetic, vibrant and healthy girl you once were
  4. You are feeling that your life is too narrow and you have no time to enjoy your interests
  5. Your relationships are suffering either personally, professionally or both
  6. You feel you spend most of your time on activities that have no meaning for you
  7. You are questioning whether you are really valued and making a positive difference

For further support on how to deal with the changing seasons, or to book a 7Seeds retreat please get in touch

Victoria Grozier