How can I be the authentic me?

Being the Authentic Me is about being true to yourself, your beliefs, your purpose and your values.

Authenticity requires self-awareness, self-confidence and development of the life skill of self-leadership.

Recognising our strengths and our values provides a boost to our self confidence. Acknowledging that our flaws are frequently our over-used strengths, means that we are better able to accept and own who we are. This leads to us being able to find our voice and articulate our wants and needs through exploring our values and purpose in life.

Taking ownership for ourselves and our lives ensures that we are expressing ourselves in a positive, adult way. Speaking our truth becomes easier and being true to who we are encourages our confidence to grow.

Owning responsibility for our behaviour, our acts and our decisions is crucial. Being inauthentic can result in playing the victim, abdicating responsibility or blaming others, which only lends to our own disservice. Without owning our own weaknesses or failures then how can we expect to learn and grow?

Who am I?

7Seeds retreats focus on the concept of self-leadership, which begins with asking the question ‘Who am I?’

Reconnecting to who I am begins with looking at our life stories, from childhood through the key inflection points in our lives. These provide the keys to recognising patterns of behaviours which lead to surfacing our underlying beliefs and values.

We then take a look at who you are through a personality profile. The beauty of the Profile is that it encourages you to recognise and own your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Critically, it helps us to understand that there is no right or wrong – we are all different and that is ok.

Although we may have similar personality traits, you are the unique you and we encourage you to embrace and accept you as you are. You are not perfect but you are amazing and flawed and that’s ok, because you are human.

7Seeds explores these personality traits alongside your attitudes and behaviours. We use the personal profiles and various other exercises for you to get back in touch with who you are and to rejoice in that person, in all your abilities and flaws.

Having an exclusive female environment, allowing women to use their voice and find their power is a fundamental block of 7Seeds retreats. 


James Allan