Our Coaching

From the first moment we connect with you we are learning about you, your concerns and your goals and we tailor our programme to meet your individual needs.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by our coaches and welcomed into your new home. Our first priority is to help you feel relaxed and calm and we begin with some light yoga and meditation. Each day follows a similar structure with a mix of exercise, relaxation, teaching, coaching, guided activities and free time when you can indulge yourself with a spa treatment or soak in the stunning scenery as you take a leisurely and calming walk.

Our group teaching sessions take you through our 7Seeds providing you with the knowledge, understanding and insight so that you can learn and practice how to make small and impactful changes that will lead to the transformation you desire.

We open your eyes to your negative behaviours and habits and enable you to turn the negatives into positives. Our 1-2-1 coaching sessions focus on you and your needs and provide you with practical advice and guidance.