Our Exercises

We know movement is an important element to maintaining physical health. At 7Seeds we teach you how to incorporate movement into your daily life.

We offer different types of exercise that will help you to improve joint mobility, burn fat, increase lean muscle tone and improve your cardiovascular health. Because we know that many women struggle to fit exercise into their lives we will teach you ways to do this naturally and easily.

Every morning starts with a yoga flow followed by a relaxation therapy – to get both body and mind ready for the day ahead and thereby increase your learning experience.

Each health session is followed by an exercise session, focusing on the different systems of the body and demonstrating different ways to exercise. All of these sessions are done with minimal or no equipment and to suit all fitness levels, so you can see just how easy it is to do these at home. You will work within your own capabilities and any disabilities are catered for.

Our aim is to show you that exercise does not need to be a chore, and can be fitted in around your day, and most of all can be fun! Having the energy to do things you enjoy is part of what makes life great and we want to help create that opportunity for you.