Our Model

Our aim is to help transform women's lives through giving you the confidence to pursue your goals and live the life you want. We are unique in that we adopt a holistic approach, helping you explore each aspect of your life. We do this as we know that our issues are rarely simple and one-dimensional. One aspect of our lives invariably impacts on another.

We take you on a journey of exploration and discovery which provides you with powerful insights into who you are, your story so far and what is important to you moving forward. We provide the tools and techniques to make simple and impactful changes in your life, which will lead you to improve your wellbeing, identify your purpose and learn how to live your life in balance.

Our tailored content and coaching is developed to meet the needs of each individual. Following the Retreat we will continue to help you through your journey with 1-2-1 coaching and introduce you to our support network.

In these Retreats we essentially equip you with a personal kitbag that you can take with you on each stage of your life journey. Because we know that we all need support along that journey we provide a three-month post Retreat support programme following our 5-Day Retreats, and we encourage you to take full opportunity of this as it will help you sustain and build on the changes you have already made.


The 7Seeds of our life-changing model

1 - My Journey

explore your dreams & aspirations

2 - My Story

understand who you are

3 - My Health

learn how to be fit and healthy for life

4 - My Wellbeing

discover how to live life in balance

5 - My Team

explore how to improve your relationships

6 - My Destinations

define your life purpose and goals

7 - My Legacy

identify how you can make a positive difference